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Coquelicot By Komal

Seven Chakra Tumbled Stones Set

Seven Chakra Tumbled Stones Set

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Unlock the power of your Chakras with our Seven Chakra Tumbled Stones Set. This carefully curated set includes seven tumbled stones, each representing a different Chakra, to help you balance and align your energy centers.

Hand-selected for their vibrant colors and natural beauty, these tumbled stones radiate positive energy and promote harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. Each stone resonates with a specific energy center, allowing you to focus on individual Chakra healing or work with the entire set for overall well-being.

Place them on your body during meditation, carry them with you throughout the day, keep them in your living area or create a Chakra grid for enhanced energy alignment, these stones work in all environments!

By working with these Chakra stones, you can clear blockages, release stagnant energy, and restore balance to your Chakras. Let the vibrant energy of these stones guide you towards a more balanced and harmonious life.

Stones in the Set -
Red Jasper- Root Chakra
Carnelian- Sacral Chakra
Tiger's Eye- Solar Plexus Chakra
Green Aventurine- Heart Chakra
Lapis Lazuli- Throat Chakra
Amethyst- Third eye Chakra
Clear Quartz- Crown Chakra

 Shape  Round / Square / Uneven
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~ Each item you find in our store is one of its kind & handcrafted by local artisans. Natural stones may have cracks, inclusions or external indentations. No two pieces will have an exact identical appearance. Colors in pictures might slightly differ from actual appearance ~


Crystals, Gemstones & Spiritual Accessories are known to have healing benefits & are backed by many positive experiences from all over the world. Nonetheless, this holistic approach should not substitute professional medical care. It's perfectly alright to use the stones/jewellery as decor/accessory too.


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  • Natural stones & handcrafted items are delicate and should be handled with care.
  • Avoid water, sunlight, perfume or moisture to the extent possible.

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