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Which hand should I wear my Crystals on?

Okay so now that you have your own Crystal, which hand should you wear you jewellery/bracelets on?

Each crystal has its own unique vibration. This is what gives it its power and its ability to help you in your life. When you hold/wear a crystal, you are actually attuning yourself to its vibration.

There are a lot of beliefs around. For example, if you are a right handed person, you should wear it on your dominant i.e. right hand. Same goes for a left handed person. Some people choose to start wearing or stop wearing their crystals on certain days.
We are not denying these beliefs and we support every belief because that’s what crystals work on. Beliefs.
For some, it’s a piece of stone for some it’s a treasured possession. To each his own.

A simple rule for wearing a Crystal is to wear it on your left hand if you want to receive certain energies and on your right hand if you want to give/release certain energies. The left hand is the receiving hand that absorbs positive energy into the body, while the right hand is the giving hand that releases negative energy outside the body.

When you wear the Crystal in your left hand-
*You will resonate with the crystal’s energies.
*You will absorb its energies throughout your body.
*You will infuse your aura and chakras with its energies.

When you wear the Crystal in your right hand-
*You release toxins and energies.
*You will align your Chakras.
*You will manifest your intentions.

Here’s what we suggest you do:
Wear your crystals in both hands. Switch hands every 15-30 days. This way you will balance the Yin and Yang energies.
Wear it on your left hand and give yourself time to absorb and accumulate a crystal's energies. Then switch to your right hand and allow yourself the time to control and emit those energies.
Make sure you cleanse your crystal before you switch the hand.

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